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Truefaith was formed in 1993 on the heels of the sudden popularity of their demo single “Perfect” which became a hit on 99.5 RT for several weeks.  They immediately gained cult following from colleges and universities to eventually become one of the more popular and accomplished bands from the Philippines. 

Founding members, Medwin Marfil, Francis Guevarra and Ferdie Marquez took the band’s name from New Order’s 1987 hit single “True Faith“, revealing the group’s 80’s New Wave influence. Initially, True Faith’s music was inspired by the new wave sounds for its brand of breezy pop melodies but the group quickly developed their own brand of OPM that expanded their reach to a wide and diverse demographic of Filipino music consumers.

Currently, Truefaith are Medwin Marfil (vocals), Eugene Marfil (acoustic guitar), Jake Lumacad (keys), Allan Elgar (lead guitar), Macky Macaventa (bass) and Kaka Quisumbing (drums).

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For a band like Truefaith, who’s seen-it-all, been-through-it-all, what’s the best way to celebrate a career milestone that commemorates 30 years of being in the business of music and entertainment?

Why True Faith’s music remains ‘perfect’

I have not had the chance to check on all of the albums that True Faith has released over the years. But then since the band’s latest is titled 11 or Eleven, then there must now be 10 True Faith studio albums in existence. That is on the average of releasing one album of new materials every two years. 

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